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Monday, 18 September 2017

Clathrus archerei - A first record for Wales.

Clathrus archerei, Devil's fingers.
This weird and wonderful funus is a member of the stinkhorn family and is called  Clathrus archerei, Devil's fingers. It was found by Lynne  Sharpe at her farm in Llansawel.

Philip has made the following comments, which he has asked me to add:

"From what I can see this is the first record for Wales ---- just 100 records on the 'fungus database for UK' so a very nice find.  Originally described from Tasmania and found in Australia and New Zealand.  First recorded in Europe in 1914 (???? troops from Australia --- just a thought) from the Voges region of France.

In Britain, 1945 Penzance and then 1976 in West Kent.  Majority of records from southern England, Cornwall, Kent, Sussex and Channel Isles.  1994 Gloustershire and 2014, Shropshire.
It may well be found in the same general area from year to year so look out when cutting your meadows.  Was thought it might be found more often with woodchip used in gardens but your spot may be dead grasses/straw."

 Well done Lynne!

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  1. Flipping heck. I'd love to find this - one of the fungi world's weirdest. First for Wales eh? Fantastic.