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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Old Carmarthen Bay Power Station

I may have been trespassing so if I was sorry ;-)

Found some lovely fungi here over the last 2 days thanks to my sister who happened apron a path which led into the old Grillo site and Carmarthen Bay waste land at the side
Wooly Milkcap 

No Idea

Hebeloma Poison Pie 


Sorry about the photo positioning- can't seem to move them on iphone

Aniseed Smell  


Lots of Waxcaps various shades of Red & Orange 


  1. Old Grillo site -- no building yet so OK. An interesting former industrial site worth exploring. My guess for these 1) Nice and agree, Lactarius torminosus 2) ? an Inocybe 3)a Hebeloma. They all look so similar but guessing at size probably H.crustulineforme 4)? Laccaria lacata, Deceiver going by colour of gills 5)? something pushing out of a bonfire site 6)upside down ? poss Lycoperdon pyriforme if growing on wood 7)A Paxillus, prob P.involutus 8)fibrillose cap and dark spored = one of the Inocybe? 9)no idea 10)+11)a pink spored species, an Entoloma 12)if coastal sandy soil, Hygrocybe conicoides if other areas then H conica. Stephanie did not put on the best species found near-by so I will Blog it!

  2. I found what I think is Lactarius torminosus under Himalayan birch in the botanic garden today. Freshly emerged, just like yours. Isn't it amazing how some fungi are triggered to fruit at the same time miles apart. Bruce