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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Some Fungus sightings from the last couple of weeks

Any corrections or additions are warmly welcomed.

Larch woods south of Ffos Las Racecourse.

Sticky Bolete, Suillus viscidus.

An interesting site because of all the Larch trees, though much of it is surrounded by fencing, which can make it a bit awkward. More or less guaranteed to find the Larch Bolete (Suillus grevillei) with its slimy orange brown cap but a rarer one which, was found nearby last year as well, is the Sticky Bolete, Suillus viscidus.  Large amounts of Butter cap Rhodocollybia butyracea and a Hebeloma species which may or may not be "Poisonpie". Though the most dramatic displays were given by the masses of Saffron Milkcap  Lactarius deliciosus and Plums and Custard  Tricholomopsis rutilans


Helvella macropus.
Furnace Ponds.

Nice walk around the pond but most fungi are along the woodland paths that set off in various directions. Came across this weird mushroom growing alongside the track. Couldn't see any gills or pores either - actually didn't know which way up to place it to get a spore print. Eventually worked out it was an Ascomycete and then from the spores found out it was Helvella macropus a cousin of the Elfin Saddle.  Other finds were a huge pair of King Alfred's Cakes, Daldinia concentrica, they must have been over 10 cms across, and a really lovely Death Cap, Amanita phalloides

 Usk Reservoir.

Wood Wooly Foot, Gymnopus peronatus
On the other side of the reservoir, just inside Carmarthenshire!, there is a nice Beech wood, alongside the track full of  Beech Milkcaps, and a number of unidentified cortinarius and inocybe species. The little fella on the left I take to be called the Wood Wooly Foot, Gymnopus peronatus - or if it is not called that  then it certainly should be!

Further along there is an area of Birch woodland which had Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria, and a lovely display of large Orange Grisette, Amanita crocea, in various stage of muturity.

Trawscoed Wood, NBGW.

Cortinarius torvus.

 Always a good place. In a short time and in a small area came across the cortinarius opposite, which from the swollen base and unusual veil remnants halfway up the stipe would seem to be the Stocking Webcap, Cortinarius Torvus.  Also a Grisette, Amanita vaginata, a large area of Peppery Milkcap, Lactarius piperatus, some  colourful russula under the beech trees, which I believe are Charcoal Burner, Russula cyanoxanth and some Fluted Bird's Nest, Cyathus striatus.


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