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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Suillus collinitus --- no common name

Stephanie saw these Suillus collinitus at Pembrey Harbour, on a bank at side of road leading to Lifeboat station. It is an uncommon bolete and associated with pines.  It was found by both Maurice Rotheroe and Geoffrey Kibby (author of book on boletes) in Pembrey CPark / forest during a BMS foray 1994, based in Swansea.  I have never seen this myself except for these, spotted by Stephanie.
 All the fungi were along this bank at the edge of the road some way from the Pinus nigra ssp laricio.  Shows how far roots spread and mycelium even further.

Cap colour brown to reddish-brown.

Note the pore size and colour, olivaceous yellow.  Also the stipe is yellowish with prominent glandular spots.  The very base of the stipe has a hint of pink ---- the mycelium at the base of the stipe is said to be pink but I could not see this.


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