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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Another Brown Brain Fungus?

Perhaps Brown Brain Fungus, Tremella steidleri.

Came across this yesterday at Furnace Ponds. Again it was growing on an old Oak branch that also had Hairy Curtain Crust, Stereum hirsutum. It was quite dry and shriveled but it revived when I put a small piece into water. Wondering if it is another piece of Brown Brain, Tremella steidleri?


  1. Yes Colin --- from FRDBI collected Carreg Cennen on 16/10/2003 (Shelley Evans and Peter Roberts), 12/10/80- Park Wood,Gower, 17/9/94- Gelli Hir nature reserve,Glam and 30/9/99- from Caernarfonshire. These out of a total of about 18 UK records. Now three locations in Carms during October -- still 10days to go for more!
    Can you give me Grid Ref if you have it or general one for Furnace Ponds. Can I add this + your picture to Kew info?

  2. Hi Philip, thanks for that.
    The map reference would be SN 50446 02094