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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Geastrum lageniforme = Flask-shaped Earthstar

This small earthstar was found by Stephanie in Penybedd plantation at the begining of Oct.  As the spore sac is so small I think this must be G.lageniforme.  It is similar to G.triplex with rather thick rays but, although these may crack, it does not form a collar.  The spore sac is just 1-2 cm wide (G.triplex has spore sac 2-4 cm). 

This is G.lageniforme from Pembrey Country Park found lat year.  Many features are the same as with G.triplex including the periostome (sac opening).  It is a RDL (red data list) species with fewer than 50 records on the BMS database.  Of these, several records are from Wales.

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