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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Gymnopilus jujonius and Hygrocybe pratensis

Gymnopilus jujonius = Spectacular Rustgill seen in Pembrey forest today.  slugs having a feast.  Although common, it is always a spectacular sight.

In 'People's Park' in the centre of Llanelli.

These Hygrocybe pratensis var pratensis, Meadow Waxcap were in very thick grass and only just visible.  Nice to see at the centre of town.

Hygrocybe pratensis var palida, Pale Waxcap.  These were very close to the above, also peeping out from dense grass ---- flattened for photo.
This is  less common (700) than var.pratensis (7,000) records on FRDBI.

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  1. I saw the rustgills in their prime I will put a post up as don’t know how to add a photo on here