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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Pont Felin Gat on Saturday

Prior to National Fungus Day on Sunday we did think of a stroll around Pont Felin Gat on the Saturday before to (hopefully?) get a few items for Tony's Table. I was thinking of starting at about 11.00 am, if anyone is interested please come along. If you can't make it then please have a look around wherever you are for something to bring along for the table. It certainly seems to be a bit of a focus point for the day itself.


  1. Yes I'll be there at 11am Colin, probably with my wife.

  2. Happy hunting! We will be brining goodies from the sandbanks as normal! See you Sunday.

  3. I will be there , where is everyone parking?

    1. There s usually enough room in the layby alongside the bridge wall.