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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sandbanks foray 7th October 2017

Joint meeting with the local Wildlife Trust and Llanelli Naturalists.

In November 2014 Dad identified a Piggyback Rosegill (Volvariella surrecta) growing on Clouded Funnel (Clitocybe nebularis). A first record for Wales.
On the foray we spotted some small balls growing on Clouded Funnel. We hoped they would turn out to be more Piggyback Rosegill. We watched and waited with excitement and weren't disappointed.
1. Tiny balls spotted on the 7th.
2. Five days later the balls grew bigger. (12th)
3. By the next day they had split open. (13th)
4. On the 14th their caps had emerged.
5. On the 15th they were fully formed. 


  1. Oh wow. How interesting. One of horticulturalists, Tudor Davies, spotted something similar on Clitocybe nebularis in the Botanic Garden a few years ago. We just thought it was a weird mutation - I'll dig out the photos and see if they look like yours. Bruce

  2. Well done the pair of you - they are excellent shots and an excellent record. Philip and I were talking about a way of keeping a permanent record of all the great stuff we've been having lately - perhaps in the New Year we can all get together and set up a recording system that we can all get involved with?

  3. This is the sort of interesting stuff one can do --- a series of pictures showing development of fb's. Yes, having records documented is so worthwhile.