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Friday, 13 October 2017

Some recent fungus finds.

We shall shortly be adding our list from our recent jaunt  in Sandbanks Wood, but in the meantime I have added a few interesting species from round and about over the last week or so. I've added  a name but please add a comment if you think it may be something else

Crystolepiota bucknalii

This small mushroom is from the cycle track above Lleidi Reservoir. It looked nothing from above but on turning it over it has it had a lovely purple stem. It seems to me to look like Crystolepiota bucknalii, the spores to had the same rowing-boat shape as Lepiota cristata.

Hydnellum spongiosipes (?)

This was in Troserch Wood, looked like a bracket fungus, growing around the base of an oak tree.  The spores were also a vey odd shape, nodules all over the place. Broke a piece off to take home and it was only then I realised that it was a tooth fungus, with tiny teeth hanging down instead of gills. Being on oak narrows it down a bit so could be Velvet Tooth, Hydnellum spongiosipes.

In Pembrey Forest there was this mass of orange cup fungus. The largest being about 15mm across. The spores were really pretty and not like anything I've seen before. The British Mycological Soceity has a facebook page and I put it on there, asking what it might be and they have suggested it was Pulvinula convexella, of which there are only a few Welsh records.

Pulvinula convexella.

Also in Pebrey Forest, within 100 yards of the above, were two Otidea species, which I make to be Hare's Ear, Otidea onotica, on the right and Toad's Ear, Otidea bufonia on the left.

Otidea bufonia and Otidea onotica.

Hope to see everybody on Sunday.


  1. The Cystolepiota seems OK. I will let you have the Kew 'Hydnum' book on Sunday. Pulvinula I have had years ago but not seen recently -- good to see it about. Also good to see the two Otidea are about. Steph has seen these two in Penybedd plantation also. Good finds.