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Friday, 13 October 2017

The 'Stars'

i just love all these




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  1. Yes, the earthstars are 'tops'! In fact 'Gasteromycetes', puffballs,earthstars and stinkhorns, are all fascinating. A lovely bunch of Geastrum triplex pictures. Some show why it is called 'collared-earthstar' but the thick rays do not always split to form a collar or just a partial split. The spore sack is 2-4 cm with a 'fimbriate' peristome (opening),shown well in one picture. There is a very similar earthstarnbut much less common, G lageniforme (Flask-shaped Earhstar) with a spore sack just 1-2cm wide. Both have been found in Pembrey forest (Country Park). See next Blog.