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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tremella steidleri = Brown Brain

Tremella steidleri = Brown Brain is another splendid find by Stephanie.  

This is nothing special to look at and many of us would probably ignore it even if we spotted it on a decaying branch.
This is considered a rare find with just 18 or so UK records (FRDBI have 28 but several are duplicates) and a Red Data List / Near Threatened species. 

First found 27/9/1980 from Devon closely followed by a find at Park Mill, Gower on 12/10/1980!  Another Gower find was made by Peter Roberts (one time at Kew mycology, now retired) from Gelli Hir nature reserve which borders Fairwood Common, Gower.

Stephanie found this at Penybedd Wood, the wooded area over railway bridge leading to Pembrey Country Park.

Tremella species are found on different woody substrated but, in fact, are parasitic on another fungus living on the wood.  If lucky the host fungus might be seen but often this is not obvious.  The associated fungus with T steidleri is the very common Sterium hirsutum, HairynCurtain Crust.  This is also host to the more common Tremella aurantia (no common name surprisingly).
Yellow Brain, Tremella mesenterica (rather similar to T.aurantia) is parasitic on Peniophora species , P incarnata in particular and common on Gorse.  Sometimes T mesenterica is found on the upper side of a Gorse branch and the Peniophora on the underside.


  1. Excellent Stephanie, we'll have to sort out a way of keeping all these records together or they will be lost forever. Perhaps if we have another meeting one day we can discuss it.

  2. Thanks Colin -- this is what is needed and something I have never been good at. Perhaps after our present series of walks and Fungus Day and before Christmas we could have a 'get-together', possibly at the Garden if Bruce is able to host us.

  3. Of course I'd be happy to host. I'm hopeless at keeping records too. Sometime in November? Bruce