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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Tuesday 3rd Oct at NBGW

This was found at the NBGW on the side of the track , opposite the Spring Woods. It was a puzzle for me . I made a spore print overnight and it produced a dark brown spore pattern. The colours on the cap were mostly sandy yellow with tinges of green and blue on the edges. The fickle finger of a total beginner seems to point to Stropharia pseudocyanea ? I hope to make the Sandbanks foray on Saturday..


  1. I think that is it, Peter = Peppery Roundhead. The greenish colours (like tarnished copper) are typical Stropharia but they can look very different when young or old. Can easily be confused with S.aeruginosa and S.caerulea. An uncommon find and I do not remember having seen this myself. Very nice.

  2. Hi Peter
    I've added an spore-image of the peppery roundhead here:

  3. Thanks Colin , it certainly completes the picture of this. Really enjoyed our Foray on Saturday - a great location.