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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Wales Fungus Day

I'm hosting the 6th annual Fungus Day at the Botanic Garden on Sunday 15th October.

The usual mix of fungal forays, stalls, displays, trails and even ballet this year.
Tony's Table, our tribute to the much missed Tony Ivens, is the guaranteed hit of the event - a display of fresh fungal fruiting bodies. Virtually every visitor came to this table.
Could I encourage any of you who are coming to this event to collect and bring along exhibits for this table. I noticed last year how popular were the smellies (stinkhorn and sulphur knight), the dainty (for those who came for the fairy bits), the colourful waxcaps and russsulas, the poisoners hand the huge brackets. 
If you can't ID everything, hopefully we'll have people on hand to help out.
Here's the link to the event....

Hope to see you.

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