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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Willow Gloves at Green Castle Woods

Willow Gloves - Hypocreopsis lichenoides


  1. Both excellent sightings, well done again! - What are we going to do about keeping all these records for posterity together with all our other finds?
    Shall we all have a get together sometime soon to find a way forward?

  2. Well done on spotting two new sites for Hypocreopsis! Was this Willow Gloves IDed microscopically and did it have fertile areas? Both Hypocreopsis are 'Section 7' conservation priorities, although both seem to be increasing rather than declining. Dave Genney from SNH is keeping a register of sites for both species, so it might be worth letting him know.

    1. Samples were sent to Brian Douglas at Kew
      This is his report
      had a quick look at both of the specimens sent to me (one on Salix, and one on Corylus) and both are very definitely Hypocreopsis rhododendri. See attached photomicrographs of spores from both hosts (round, knobbly, and welded together in groups of around 4), and of what H. lichenoides should look like (1 septate smooth and rugby ball shaped, not stuck together).

      In case it helps, finding willow crust (Hymenochaetopsis/Hymenochaete tabacina) in the same area as the "gloves", or finding the gloves covered in a brown powder of conidia, is the best indication of them maybe being willow gloves. Hazel gloves will grow on any host tree which has hazel glue (Hymenochaetopsis corrugata) on it, and willow gloves will grow on any tree that has willow glue on - the tree species themselves aren't the determining factor.