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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Still a few mushrooms around the Lliedi Reservoir despite the frost.

Found these around the lower Lliedi Reservoir, even after the hard frost we have been having. I assume it is a Clitocybe but could be wrong. It was quite large at around 9cms across which I thought would narrow it down but couldn't find a match as the spores were quite small at ~ 5.3 x 3.1 ┬Ám.


The psathyrella growing in wood chip and leaf litter  was very tall around 12 cms and very hairy at the base of the stem so I would be taking it as Rootlet Brittlestem, Psathyrella microrhiza as spores fit and there was a slight pink colour to the gill edges. Quite common but still nice to see.

There was also a mass of Clustered domecap, Lyophyllum decastes.


  1. Yes, the frost does odd things to the few fungi brave enough to 'fruit'.

  2. Thanks Ian ---- can make a diference when recording placenames. Us poor foreigners!

  3. Thancs Ian one dey I'sle get it rite.