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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Fungus records in Carmarthenshire.

Further to our meeting last week I shall be setting up an iRecord account for keeping a record of our finds within the County. The requirements and procedures for entering a record will be discussed later but for the moment could you please let me know of any interesting sites you know of or have visited so that I can enter their locations in the system, the more the merrier, as this will make things a lot easier later. The NBGW will be treated as a separate entity and their records combined with ours at a later date.


  1. Just a thought ---- what do you do about large locations ---- Pembrey forest/ country Park/ saltings /dune system/ grassland etc? Do these different habitats come under 'one' location?

  2. No, if you call a location say "Pembrey Country Park" then you define the area you mean by drawing a polygon of the whole area. Then when you choose "Pembrey Country Park" as the location the whole polygon will appear and you just click on the small area you found the fungus. There will then be a drop down box to describe the actual habitat - awkward to describe but easy enough when you see it done. The only tedious part is adding the locations on initially but I'll do that.

  3. Thanks Colin ---- I think I get the idea.