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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Recording Fungi in Carmarthenshire.

I understand that not everyone wants to bother to ID and record their finds, but if you would like to get involved there are a few recording options listed below:

We are starting a recording system for Carmarthenshire Fungi using iRecord.
I know Philip for one has misgivings about recording fungi, fearing that the problems involved in mis-identifying species will out weigh any benefits, but the iRecord system we would use has a number of in-built checks, which will become apparent with use, which would at least reduce this problem to a large extent.

Although easy to use, describing how it works here I feel would be counter productive and it would be best, if you are interested, to set up your own account and play around - you can always delete your records after. The Location tool is excellent but would need a bit of use to discover its potential.

There would be a number of ways you could use it:
(1) Start your own account and enter your own records - not just for fungi but for all wildlife records. Any fungi records you post for Carmarthenshire will be picked up by us.
(2) We have a "Carmarthenshire Fungi" account which you could use - all you will need then is our email address and password. This would be easier as all the Locations are (or would be)  already entered.
(3) If you record at the National Botanical Gardens you could use their account to add your records.

 Using iRecord will be straightforward in a short time but only if you  try it, reading about it doesn't work.  But:

(4) If you don't want anything to do with iRecord then just add your  record to the blogsite, with the necessary information and I'll put it on - I must stress that I would not be able to identify it for you. Facebook is excellent for displaying your finds, getting comments and adding many photos at one go and it has a number of options to use to get the ID.

To enter a record you will need as much info as possible - up to 4 photos (from all angles!), its location and if possible, spore colour, substrate, associated organism etc. etc. so that in the future the record could be verified. There are three levels of certainty to use so use "Certain" only if  you're  sure, otherwise use "Likely"  or even use "Uncertain"

Give it a go so that we can build up a database - we will decide what to do with that database at a later date. We will modify things as we go along.

If you are interested please let me know.

All the best.


  1. Thanks Colin ---- this is very helpful. I hope the Blog can still be used by everyone who finds an interesting species. Recording at a site does not mean just the few fantastic finds but also the common species -- Turkeytail etc and this would be a good way to practice entering records.

  2. Thanks Colin
    I have an iRecord account already
    Do you want me to start using that or send you info

    1. Could you give me the email address of your iRecord account and I'll send you an invite so your records will add to ours. Then just try adding a few records and see what happens.

  3. Hi colin

    Yes it’s