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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Latest find in the Sandbanks...

A few years running we have spotted these so I posted them on the Facebook page for some help... 
Rich Wright has suggested they are Monilinia johnsonii and sent me this good link   
I just love the name 'Haw goblets'! 


  1. Emily --- I was wondering what sort of 'fruit' this might be growing from so presume this is Hawthorn. I will bring 'Dennis' to show you at next meeting. Dennis = apos develop on fallen mummified fruit in late March-April and shoot ascospores that infect young leaves (April-June) to cause large brown patches with a sweet-smelling grey mould (of conidiospores) which reinfect the young fruit Conidial stage very common but apothecia (cups)seldom collected. So a very nice find.

  2. They are coming out of the bit in the second picture down, bright white hairy inside. They are under Hawthorn (among others)cant say it looks like a berry... They are everywhere, the floor is littered with them all over our site. I'll have to brave the microscope. I love the life cycle so would be grateful to learn more. Will have to keep an eye on the leaves as they come out. Thanks Philip.