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Friday, 27 April 2018

Taphrina alni.

Alder tongue. 

These are caused by a fungus creating a chemically induced distortion of the female catkins on Alder. 

This is one I've wanted to see for a while, completely by chance I picked up these cones with it on. Would love to see it when its fresh so will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled as the new catkins start forming this year!  


  1. Yes, they look splendid when at their prime in June-July. Also worth looking at alder cones later in the year for a tiny Mycena (M.rhenana) which has a fluffy 'foot' at base of stipe. I found this in Aug 2012 in Burry Port woodland. Just 9 UK records and it is also found on Oak Knopper galls.

  2. Oo thanks I will keep an eye out!

  3. Is that the fungus which looks like a long tongue?