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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

A few old friends and a new face...

The rain has awoken the Sandbanks with a cornucopia of fungi!
We were pleased to find Hypocreopsis rhododendri emerging in a new spot and three new Tremella steidleri fruiting bodies on the same rotting tree as last year. As exciting as having those two fruiting again was, I was excited to see a new species to add to my list. Amanita rubescens which 'blushed' when broken.


  1. Splendid news. There has been an abundance of 'fb's' in places few fungi seen in past ---- they must be there happy as mycelia without need to 'fruit' (?). I think my Tremella steidleri log has been moved in Country Park.

    1. Yes it's mad to think there is so much going on we can't see! Sorry to hear your log is gone!