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Thursday, 20 September 2018

This looks and smells like Lepiota cristata but the cap is as big as a dinner plate , I estimate at over 20cm- Lepiotas have a typical size of up to 9cm .Gracie Fields comes to mind -it's the biggest Lepiota in the World.


  1. I have seen some fungi his year much larger than 'normal' size --- but this is large. The Cystolepiota are larger (were once all just Lepiota!). The spikey ornamentation on cap looks much like L. hystrix but some others have 'spikes'. Need better view of stipe as ornamentation and ring differs with species.

  2. I see Geoffrey Kibby has given the answer = Echinoderma aspera Freckled Dapperling which I once saw at Gelli Aur ---- book says up to 10cm!