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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Our visit to Sandbanks with Di and Emily.

Many thanks to Di and Emily for the invite to Sandbanks again this year. There seemed to be a large crowd and all seemed to enjoy as the majority of people were still there at the end. There were plenty of fungi to be seen as well, and in the interests of compiling some sort of list for the day a number of photos and samples were taken and a stab made at the ID of them - but as always any help, corrections, variations or comments are always appreciated. Hopefully will add a few others in a couple of days.

Funeral Bell,  Galerina marginata.Funeral Bell,  Galerina marginata.

 Funeral Bell Galerina marginata. Very poisonous, similar to the Sheathed woodtuft which is supposed to be edible but has larger spores. The spores of this sample measured ~10 x 6 µm.

Shield Dapperling, Lepiota clypeolariaShield Dapperling, Lepiota clypeolaria

Shield Dapperling, Lepiota clypeolaria. About 5cms across and seems to fit Pat O'Reilly's description of a the cap margin and stem being covered with white flakes from the partial margin. the spores are also a close fit being quite large at ~12 x 5.5 µm and very dexitrinoid.

Green Elfcups, Chlorociboria aeruginascens Hazel Gloves, Hypocreopsis rhododendri

Green Elfcups, Chlorociboria aeruginascens and Hazel Gloves, Hypocreopsis rhododendri.

Cyanoboletus pulverulentusCyanoboletus pulverulentus

 Cyanoboletus pulverulentus. According to Geoffrey Kibby "No other British bolete bruises so intensly blue".

Brown Brain, Tremella steidleriWrinkled Crust, Phlebia radiata

 Brown Brain, Tremella steidleri and Wrinkled Crust, Phlebia radiata.

Clouded Funnel, Clitocybe nebularis

Clouded Funnel, Clitocybe nebularis in various stages of growth.

Rutstroemia firmaRutstroemia firma

Rustroemia firma, Found growing on wood of deciduous trees. Spore size matches as well as being 3-5 septate. Asci tips also blued with iodine.


  1. Great work Colin! Thanks so much for joining us and taking the extra effort to ID things. Glad you enjoyed also. I must continue adding finds to irecord.

  2. So sorry I couldn't join you but what super highlights. That's a fantastic wood you've got there.