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Thursday, 17 January 2019

3rd Tuesday of the month.

As it was the third Tuesday of the month, took a stroll around the Botanic Gardens to see what was about. Mostly just the usual suspects for the time of year but added them to Garden database to start the year full of good intentions!

Added to the Garden Database as: Candlesnuff, Turkeytail, King Alfred's Cakes, Blushing Bracket, Oak Toothcrust (possibly), Jelly Ear, Lumpy Bracket, Smoky Bracket, Scarlet Elfcup, Hairy Curtain Crust, Splitgill Fungus, Common Inkcap, Sulphur Tuft.


  1. Well done Colin --- nice collection and good to see Sarcoscypha 'species' fruiting. Must look if var.lutea is also about. Very glad the Blog is being used !!!!

  2. Thanks Philip, I'll keep using it for various lists and other things that it would be nice to have a more permanent record of.