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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Corticium Roseum

The strange case of the missing records!

Gerard Siron from Glam. FG posted a picture of what we take to be Cortium Roseum onto the BMS Facebook page. This species has only 2 records in Wales, both by Peter Roberts in Eppynt, nr Brecon. However I have seen this around Carmarthenshire on a number of occasions and Emma Williams says It's common throughout VC41 and VC42.

It grows on Willow and is quite a striking fungus, especially the way it completely covers its host - moss, twigs and all . So why hasn't it been recorded more often ??

Corticium roseumCorticium roseum

Corticium roseumCorticium roseum

Corticium roseum


  1. Hi, sorry if this is inappropriate but I see quite a few references here to my father & elderly mycologist Dr T F Preece (Claviceps, Pseudomonas tolaasii etc). He is now 86 and increasingly lonely in old age with the recent long term hospitalisation of his wife. Unfortunately he never embraced the internet in any way so is very isolated but still reads well. I know mycologists communicate between themselves a lot & I wondered if you could put the word out that any mycologist looking to liven up the day of an elderly colleague he would so much appreciate any correspondence ( does not have to be fungal related just anything really) to

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    1. thanks David --- I will sharpen quill pen. Philip Jones

  2. Thanks David for this note --- this Blog not very active these days ! I will sharpen my quill pen. I understand Tom not using internet etc as I feel just the same -- being same age. I will alert Nigel Stringer who knows Tom very well having co-authored the splendid Red Data Lists for rusts and smuts.

  3. Thanks David - so sorry to read about your mum going into hospital. I spoke to your father a few weeks ago and your mother answered so it came as quite a shock to read what has happened. Given that your father might find it stressful to answer the phone given the present circumstances i will write from now on. Give your mum our best wishes and of course your dad.