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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

A mystery solved.

Coprinellus domesticus.

Firerug Inkcap

For a few years now I have seen this carpet of orange "fur" in our woods and often in the log pile at home. I have always assumed it must be fungal but never got round to looking up what it was! 
Well thanks to a Facebook post by Steph the mystery has finally been solved. 
It was a slight coincidence that I had spotted it again in our log pile the same day she posted it online. I had also noticed an ink cap growing in the log pile but never connected the two. The various ink caps in our log piles are also on the "to do" list for identification! So this was a win win really. The orange carpet is knows as the ozonium, and is often present without any sign of the fruiting bodies. I was super lucky to see both. I took a specimen home to look at the spores and they seemed right for C. domesticus. 


A young fruiting body still with its scaly cap.
(plus photobombing bug)


  1. That is fantastic ---- what they do and how they do it is fascinating. Great getting the complete picture --- we must not forget the mycelium (in its various forms) nor various possible spore forms.

  2. Thanks Emily - That's a new one to look out for. Let's hope it is still there next time we are in Sandbanks.