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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Some recent fungus records for our list.

 Pembrey Forest.

Oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus.

This looked an interesting item growing alone on a thin hazel branch but in the end was only an Oyster mushroom.

Wood Blewit, Lepista nuda.

 Nice group of purple Wood  Blewits.
 Suillus collinitus.

Suillus species growing under the pine trees. Seemed to key out as Suillus bovinus, Bovine bolete. No ring, very angular pores, viscid cap and fruity smell. Not rare but first one for me to see, also nice to see any large mushroom at this time of year.

P.S. After putting the mushroom on the BMS facebook page, it would seem, after some to-ing and fro-ing that this is now most probably Suillus collinitus rather than S. bovinus.

No ring and composite angular pores.


Perhaps Coprinopsis romagnesiana?

Always took these to be Common Inkcap, Coprinopsis atramentaria, but I see a lot of references now to a brown scaly version being called Coprinopsis atramentaria v. romagnesiana or even Coprinopsis romagnesiana, so who knows?

Antherospora hortensis.

A lot of the Grape Hyacinth along the coastal path seem to have the Antherospora hortensis smut associated with them.

Gelli Aur

Black-footed polypore, Polyporus leptocephalus.

Lots of Black-footed polypore, Polyporus leptocephalus, growing on the oak-log piles.

Glistening inkcap and Sulphur tuft.

 Large piles of cut beech logs with Brittle Cinder Fungus and Southern Bracket

A Slime mould possibly an Arcyria sp (?).


  1. A nice collection Colin. Odd time of year for Siollus (?). With these have a look at top of stipe which should have speckles which represents the 'ring' found with other species. I must look at Nigel's (with others) recent helpful smut book.

  2. Thanks Philip.
    I put the Suillus on the BMS facebook page and they have come back with S. collinitus. (Which I am told Stephanie found some time ago). Have you come across that at all? Habitat is ideal according to Pat O'Reilly.