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Friday, 20 September 2019

Upcoming meetings

Apart from Troserch Woods on Saturday we also have the following meetings coming up:
Sandbanks, Llanllwch: Fungus-finding walk,
06 October 2019 14.00 hrs. Led by Di and Emily Ivens. Joint meeting with the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. Meet at the Carmarthen 'Park-and Ride' off the A48 west of Carmarthen, SN382190, 2.00pm.

Our Annual Fungus Meting at the National Botanic Gardens on 13th October. Most of the day.

Guided Walks 

10.30-11.30am: Experimental mycologist Hywel Evans fungi tour will show you how fungi reproduce
12-1pm: Join Emma Williams for a fungi identification walk around the Garden
1.30-2.30pm: Come and help Bruce Langridge and Ray Woods carry out a waxcap fungi relocation experiment

3-3.45: Manon Williams will introduce you to some of the Botanic Garden’s wonderful lichens
  • Guided walks and talks about fungi in meadows, flower beds, lawns and woods
  • Tony’s Table– a cornucopia of fresh fungal fruiting bodies
  • Learn how to make your own fungarium
  • Find out how to grow your own mushrooms
  • Fungi and fairy-inspired ballet with Llangain Youth Ballet
  • Look for signs of fairies deep within our fungi-rich Fairy Wood and post a letter to the fairies in the fairy village
  • Displays of fungi-inspired textiles, art and illustrations
  • Lots of fungi and fairy-inspired family activities
  • Stalls selling fairy and fungi bits and bobs

Penyrallt, Mynyddygarreg: Fungus-finding walk,
26 October 2019. In association with Llanelli Naturalists. Led by Andrew Stevens. Meet inside the wide gateway adjacent to a kissing gate off the minor lane between Mynyddygarreg and Pontnewydd, almost opposite Glyn Abbey, SN448079 (not the entrance to the house), 2:00pm.

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  1. As an amature Fungi photographer i am devastated to what the NBGW have done to Cwm Felin Gat, they have distroyed the established examples of Fungi, and many ground cover plants,I know your group use this area, and further more they have closed of the free access to this area that the locals and others have freely enjoyed for over 50yrs, i am all for progress but plain distruction of nature especially in name of trying to represent the past, where as what nature had designed there was amazing and natural, a group are acting on behalf of the community to try and come to a compremise with NBGW to re-open the access, should you wish to join or assist in anyway please contact