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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Unidentified Cortinarius possibly C. saturninus

Recently I added on the European Cortinarius Facebook Page, a number of images of an "Unidentified" Cortinarius that I found at Sandy Water-park and Geoffrey Kibby has kindly suggested that it could possibly be C. Saturninus - a species associated with willow. It's always great to be able put a tentative label on a cortinarius but what I found interesting as well, was the high numbers of these mushrooms that were actually about there.
They are absolutely everywhere among the waterside willow and alder trees on the south side of the lake. There were even fairy rings of them growing in two or three places. As if they all decided together that this was going to be their year.
It is not only at Sandy Water-park either as C. Saturnitus seems to be popping up  everywhere at the moment!

Cortinarius Saturninus.


Cortinarius Saturninus, fairy ring.

Cortinarius Saturninus, spores.

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